Signing Of The Classics IV Recording Agreement

Front Row - from left to right
Bill Lowery - Dennis Yost - Carl Ingraman - Mike Curb

Rear - from left to right
Steve Pulius - Danny Ramos - Sam Anderson - Bil Gilmore - Mike Huey - Paul Cochran

Gold Clef Awards - Atlanta Georgia

Left To Right
Alan Diggs - Chris Demarco - Bill Gilmore - Paul Cochran
Dennis Yost - Buddie Buie

The Candymen

Left To Right
Dean Daughtry (Piano & Organ) - Bob Nix (Drums)
John Rainey Adkins (Lead Guitar)
Rodney Justo (Lead Vocals) - Bill Gilmore (Bass)

Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1970

Left To Right
Barry Bailey -  Paul Goddard - Dean Daughtry
Robert Nix - J. R. Cobb -
Rodney Justo

Beaverteeth - 1977
Albany Georgia

Left To Right
Jeff Cheshire - David Adkins - Rodney Justo
Larry Hunter - Mike Turner - John Rainey Adkins

Billy Joe Royal & DJ Host

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Paul Cochran