The Original
Terry & The Pirates
Clearwater Auditorium 1960

Possibly The Only Known Existing Photograph

Some Of The Known Members Are As Follows:

Bruce Miller - Doug Zolo - Joe Sanders - Wes Young

Standing In The Audience To The Left With His Arm Folded Back Is Rodney Justo

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The Mystics

Left To Right Front

Blair Mooney - Henry Cabrera - Dick Rumore - Rodney Justo - Jon Wildes

Left To Right Rear

Jerry Alfonso - Jr. Rios - Phil Provensano - Alfred Alvarez - Joe "PePe" Longo

The Roemans

Kneeling Left To Right

Ronnie Swartzkoff - Lanny Langford

Standing Left To Right

Berti Higgins - Bob Glover - Joe Pappalardo

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Rolling Stones Booking 1965
Roy Orbison
Stars Spectacular Tickets

Paul Cochran